Trade for Sustainable Development

Organization: ITC

Location: WTO and ITC 


The Trade for Sustainable Development Forum brings together business people, researchers, standards organizations and international trade officials to discuss trends in sustainable value chains and voluntary sustainability standards. Organized by the International Trade Centre (ITC), this year’s event explores the theme of partnerships: 

Organized by the International Trade Centre (ITC), this year’s event explores the theme of partnerships: 

• Why are some models more successful in achieving sustainability objectives? 
• What are common elements of success when standards organizations, policy makers and private companies work well together? 
• What can we expect from successful collaboration?
• What issues should we consider when engaging in new partnerships? 

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So What Series - Healthy Lives + Peaceful and Inclusive Societies

Location: Maison de la Paix - Room C1 (Meeting Centre, Pétale 5)

Organization: SDG Lab + Global Commission for Drug Policy

Description: This iteration, cohosted by the Global Commission on Drug Policy, will feature Healthy Lives (SDG 3) and Peaceful, Inclusive Societies (SDG 16).

Individual and public health are a result, an outcome and an indicator of peaceful and inclusive societies. Similarly, equitable and just societies are central for healthy lives for all. Experts and policy makers will exchange on the opportunities of interaction of both goals to achieve their targets, as well as provide existing examples of their implementation on the ground for better sustainable development outcomes.

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WTO Public Forum

Location: WTO

Organization: World Trade Organization


At a time when the debate on trade has rarely been as prominent or controversial, the WTO's 2017 Public Forum, "Trade: Behind the Headlines", offers an opportunity to go beyond the rhetoric and examine in detail the realities of trade – the opportunities it offers and the challenges it can bring. The Forum will provide a platform for frank discussions among policy makers, civil society representatives, business people and researchers as they consider how to make trade work for more people and ensure that the trading system is as inclusive as it can be.

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MENA Inside Out: Political, Economic and Social Transformations in the Region

Location: Maison de la Paix

Organization: The Graduate Institute 


What does the future hold for the MENA region? How can we understand different development trajectories? Are western notions of modernization and democratization misplaced? Join International Development Policy for the launch event of its two most recent thematic issues: Combining Economic and Political Development – The Experience of MENA (Issue 7) and Development as a Battlefield(Issue 8). The guest editors will share provocative and sometimes contrasting views on development in the region. 

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Elusive State Building: The Middle East and North Africa 1917-2017

Location: Geneva

Organization: The Pierre du Bois Foundation and the Department of International History

The Middle East and North Africa regained international (policy and media) attention through the 1990-1991 Gulf War and the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks and their ‘Global War on Terror’ aftermath, which in turn yielded to the 2011 uprisings of the ‘Arab Spring’. These momentous recent events are just the latest in a historical sequence of developments, which can be traced back to the 1910s and at the heart of which stand the challenge of establishing viable and functioning states.

A century after the modern-day statebuilding project was launched in the region, amidst new-old dynamics of neoauthoritarianism and coercive democratisation, the active pursuit of state-building by nonstate actors is but one of the many perplexing features of the contemporary regional scene.

The Pierre du Bois Annual Conference brings together experts from The Graduate Institute, Harvard, Sciences Po, Oxford University, Princeton, American University in Cairo, Columbia University and others to debate topics including The Sykes-Picot Paradigm, The Iraq Wars, The Palestine Question, The Arab Spring, Alternative Statehood and Armed Militancy, and The Rise of Orientalism. There will be a keynote presentation from Ghassan Salamé on Regime Resilience and State Collapse in the Middle East.

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Rethinking Philanthropy

Organization: Le Temps, Le Monde Afrique, IHEID

Location: Maison de la Paix

Description: Today, an unparalleled amount of philanthropic resources is being applied to improve the state of the world. Who are the leaders and innovators of this new philanthropy? What is its impact on developing countries? This day-long Forum gathers more than 20 high-level speakers – philanthropists, entrepreneurs, leaders from other sectors, and academic and development experts – to debate the main innovations, successes, challenges and limits of today’s “philanthrocapitalism”.

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SDG Factory

Organization and Location: Impact Hub

Description: The SDG Factory, on October 12th, is Impact Hub Geneva’s major event bringing together key players and experts on innovation, entrepreneurship, and the Sustainable Development Goals. It will be part of the Accelerate2030 Scaling Week.

This invitation-only event includes 5 hands-on workshops, discussing innovation and entrepreneurship on different aspects of the SDGs, inspirational talks and an open networking event, where you will meet with your peers and listen to our keynote speakers, who will be discussing their stories and solutions during our conference at Impact Hub Geneva. Here are the 5 topics of the workshops and to which SDG they are related to.

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World Resources Forum 2017: Accelarating the Resource Revolution

Location: Geneva

Organization: World Resources Forum

Two years after two historic global agreements were established – the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development with its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change – leaders and other change agents in government, business, research and NGOs will come to Switzerland, host of the United Nations, to talk about how to accelerate the revolution.

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4th Session Group of Experts on Energy Efficiency

Location: Palais des Nations

Organization: UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)

Description: fourth session of the Group of Experts on Energy Efficiency (GEEE) (31 October-1 November 2017) and first meeting of the Joint Task Force on Energy Efficiency Standards in Buildings (30 October 2017, afternoon)

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2017 UN Forum on Business and Human Rights

Location: Geneva

Organization: Global Compact

The UN Forum on Business and Human Rights is the global platform for yearly stock-taking and lesson-sharing on efforts to move the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights from paper to practice. The central theme of the 2017 Forum is “Realizing Access to Remedy”. The programme also features sessions for new audiences and discussions on broader policy trends that consider the role of the business and human rights movement in today’s political and social contexts around the world.

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