Organization: The League of intrapreneurs

Location: Impact Hub Geneva

Description: We are pleased to provide you with the finalised agenda of our League of Intrapreneurs gathering on Wednesday 30 January in Geneva from 6:15 pm to 9pm.

The event will be focusing on Innovation within organisations: intrapreneurs & innovation enabling environments from both perspectives:

  • The intrapreneur/ employee one as  practitioner of innovation.

  • The institutional/organisational one, as enabler of innovation.

Do you work in a large organisation in Switzerland? Are you a bit of a free-thinker, an idealist, even a bit of a rebel among your teammates? Do you care about making a difference? Do you wish you could use your full potential to contribute to improve your organisation, your environment, the society? Do you wonder how you can do that within your existing organisation? #changefromwithin

If yes, join and register to the League of Intrapreneurs' Gathering.

(Limited amount of seats)