Location: Palais des Nations, Room XII

Organization: WHO 

Description:  This technical briefings will take place during the Seventy-first World Health Assembly. 

The Marrakesh Ministerial declaration released in 2016 at COP22 mandated WHO, UN Environment and World Meteorological Organization (WMO) to convene a global coalition between relevant Ministries, including Ministries of Health and Ministries of Environment, and key UN agencies and stakeholders, to driveforward actions that will reduce the harmful impacts on the environment and climate that affect human health and well-being. The main goal of the coalition is to jointly promote and achieve better management of environmental and climate risks to health. Notably, in its first phase, the coalition is prioritizing immediate actions to reduce the annual 12.6 million deaths caused by environmental risks and is specifically committed to support Member States and stakeholders in their efforts to tackle air pollution.

This interagency technical briefing will:
• enable the heads of agencies and Member States to reconfirm their commitments to support the Health, Environment and Climate Change Coalition (HECCC) in the effort to address the root environmental causes of ill health
• present a joint action plan for air pollution and detail the scope and purpose of the upcoming first WHO Global Conference on Air Pollution
• provide a scientific briefing on the state of knowledge on environmental determinants of health, including in relation to the non-communicable disease agenda
• report on the achievements of the BreatheLife Campaign. 

First announcement: WHA Preliminary Journal