Organization: Global Health Centre at the Graduate Institute and the United Nations Foundation

LocationMaison de la paix, the Graduate Institute, Geneva

Description: This year's World Health Assembly (WHA), taking place from 21-26 May in Geneva, marks the 70th anniversary of the World Health Organization. Despite the important health gains achieved since the establishment of the WHO, many health challenges remain.

The complexity of current global health issues and the many items on the agenda call for a better understanding around WHO's role in global health, the Assembly's processes and decisions. This annual introductory briefing for WHO Delegates and participants aims to provide an overview of key issues at stake to maximise the participation of a wide range of stakeholders.

This year's edition will incude:

  • a presentation of WHA's structure and governance
  • a multistakeholder panel on the draft 13th General Programme of Work
  • briefings on the key dimensions and policy challenges of such issues as health emergencies, polio transition, access to vaccines, and nutrition

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