Organization: United Nations Environment Management Group, International Labour Organization

Location: ILO

Description: The UNEMG Nexus Dialogue on a just transition to environmental sustainability aims to contribute to a common understanding of the concept of just transition, establish a global platform to share national and international experiences in the practical application of greening with jobs and just transition in national contexts; and foster support by both public and private stakeholders for social justice along with the fight for environmental sustainability. It will explore the potential of innovative financial solutions and mechanisms to create scalable and effective ways of channeling both private money and public resources towards just transition.

The aim of this Dialogue is to explore the concept of just transitions within the framework of the 2030 Agenda and to identify the interlinkages of the Sustainable Development Goals and Targets related to the topic. There are various nexus opportunities, which can be used to support just transitions and the achievement of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development simultaneously. The nexus between climate action (SDG13), Sustainable Consumption and Production (SDG 12) and decent work and economic growth (SDG8) is one example of such opportunities. However, the interlinkages of just transition with gender dimensions, human rights, the rights of the indigenous people, migration, innovation, technology, education and poverty are also central to the 2030 Agenda. The outcome of the conference will be a 10-point memorandum to guide policy advice, future research, partnerships, and advocacy.

The Dialogue is organized in collaboration with the (ILO) on 23 October 2018, at the ILO Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

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