Organisation: The Graduate Institute Geneva

Location: Auditorium Jacques Freymond, 132 rue de lausanne

Description: How do you solve a problem like plastic?

Join us for a panel discussion exploring one of the principal challenges of our time. Plastic seems to be an indispensable feature of our everyday lives. But our environment is at breaking point with plastic pollution. To take just one example, we throw 8 million tons of plastic into our oceans every year and by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than there are fish!

Speaking from a range of perspectives – legal, civil society, enterprise, and governance, amongst others – the key stakeholders will elaborate upon the major fault-lines in regulating the production, use, and disposal of plastic products. They will also share their thoughts on emerging initiatives around plastic substitutes, recycling, clean-up projects and breaking society’s single-use mind-set. Audience members will also be very welcome to participate in the debate.    

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