Location: Think Tank Hub, WMO Building, 7bis Avenue de la paix

Organization: Think Tank Hub

Description: The Think Tank Talk is a 2-hour event where an expert on the topic covered is invited to the Hub to present their field of expertise to a high-level group of participants. The idea is to generate a debate and discussion that can lead to different approaches and problem-solving techniques that can be applied to current matters that we are facing. The previous TTTs have proven to be an effective tool for stimulating engaged discussions on contemporary topics relevant to International Geneva. The Think Tank Talk takes place over lunch, with an expert briefly but intensively presenting his/her research followed by a discussion where participants can present their own opinion and add to the discussion.  :

More Information: http://mailchi.mp/7472b1e67249/invitation-think-tank-talk-050917?e=6fdd5584af