Location: Webinar

Organization: The Graduate Institute

Keeping the peace is an expensive business receiving much attention right now as the U.S. steps up demands for costs to be shared more equally. So who pays for peace and how are these agreements negotiated?

Join Professors Stephanie Hofmann, Grégoire Mallard and Cédric Dupont, co-Directors of the Executive Master on International Negotiation and Policy-Making for a discussion that will focus on current debates surrounding NATO and nuclear non-proliferation.

Questions considered will include:

  • What are the monetary and non-monetary costs of keeping the peace and how are these measured?
  • What does the history of prior negotiations tell us about the price we are prepared to pay for our security?
  • What is the status of current US reviews of past agreements (including NATO and Iran) and what are the potential outcomes?

For More Information: http://graduateinstitute.ch/home/executive/events.html/_/events/executive/2017/negotiating-the-price-of-peace