Location: Geneva

Organization: Switzerland and Sudan with the support of the European Commission, and hosted by the Global Health Centre

In order to progress towards achieving universal health coverage and ultimately health for all by 2030, it will be important to
establish and sustain health information systems that continuously provide evidence to facilitate and guide target-oriented
investments into global health R&D for diseases, including for products that are marked by different types of market failure.
Despite an increase in R&D activities for a range of poverty-related diseases that primarily affect low and middle-income
countries, important R&D gaps remain. A major challenge is the fragmented R&D landscape in this area which leads to
inefficient resource allocation. In light of limited resources for product-related health R&D for such diseases, evidence-based
global priority setting and facilitating the coordination between major R&D organisations are crucial.

This event will shed light on different endeavours to monitor and analyse R&D activities, inform global priority
setting and promote coordination of investments in product-related health R&D. In particular, the newly established Global
Observatory for Health R&D will introduce its work on systematic mapping of health R&D activities to inform priority setting for
new R&D. It will feature current work on an open-access online resource including WHO validated goals for global health
products and the diseases they will target. Furthermore, a directory containing a wide array of product profile characteristics
developed by WHO and other entities will be presented. It will facilitate priority setting for new R&D investments.

The event will also feature other data collection mechanisms to track R&D activities and efforts to develop standards for
R&D data classification including common reporting formats, such as the G7 technical working group, of which the Global
Observatory for Health R&D is a member, and the work of other initiatives.

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