Location: Geneva

Organization: The Global Health Centre

Changes in the global political landscape threaten todramatically impact global health priorities despite the commonly agreed 2030 Agenda for Development.  Rising political tension and polarization, health security threats, competing development priorities, and limited financial resources of donors increase the pressure on governments to increase their domestic funding levels and build resilient and sustainable health systems.  

Innovative financing mechanisms, such as earmarked taxes, solidarity levies, private sector contributions, buy-downs, and financing facilities have been introduced as potential alternative means to sustain the provision of critical health services. These different ways of health financing and investments for health have implications for the governance of the global health domain, both at national and global levels.

This event therefore aims to explore:

  • the impact of the changing global political context on the financing streams of development actors and its consequences on receiving countries
  • new approaches and mechanisms to sustainably finance health systems
  • the challenges inherent in transitioning towards domestic financing models and its impact on governance for health at the global and national levels

For More Information: http://graduateinstitute.ch/globalhealth-event23may