Location: Geneva

Organization: University of Geneva

The 2016 UN New York Declaration calling for two Global Compacts one on Migration the other on Refugees has broken new ground in the international community's engagement with migration. The consultation process towards a Global Compact on Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration has commenced and among the issues currently under examination is migration governance. The New York Declaration calls for improved global migration governance. It calls for good migration governance which complies with rule of law, is effective, accountable and inclusive and also contributes to enhanced coordination on international migration. Migration governance will also need to be consistent with the Declaration's commitment to fully and effective protection of human rights. This event is a follow-up to the international Symposium on Global Asylum/Migration Governance held on 10/11 October 2016 at the University of Geneva in the aftermath of the UN Summit on Large Flows of Refugees and Migrants of 19 September 2016

For More Information: http://www.unige.ch/migrationsymposium2016/