Location: Geneva

Organization: The Graduate Institute

Given rapid changes taking place around the world, will Geneva continue to be the undisputed center for international negotiations and multilateral agencies?

Join our distinguished panel for a discussion that will consider the opportunities and risks for Geneva as the independent host of today's multilateral system. Questions to be considered will include the following:

  • How dependent is Geneva as a center for negotiation on a well functioning and well funded multilateral system?
  • How does an increasingly polarized world change the dynamic and importance of international negotiations themselves?
  • How might the rise of anti-globalization, protectionism and a US threatening to withdraw from the multilateral system impact Geneva's role on the world stage and the city itself?
  • What, if anything, should Geneva and its actors be doing about all this?

For More Information: http://graduateinstitute.ch/home/executive/events.html/_/events/executive/2017/positioning-geneva