Conférence Best for Geneva: Comment financer durablement l’économie de demain

Organization: B Lab (Suisse)

Location: Salle Frank-Martin, 3 Rue de la Vallée, 1204 Genève, Suisse

Description: Nous sommes ravi-e-s de vous inviter à participer à cette troisième conférence organisée dans le cadre de Best for Geneva, un programme destiné à toutes les entreprises qui souhaitent améliorer leurs pratiques sociétales et environnementales.

La transition vers une société durable et prospère ne se fera qu’avec le soutien de solutions d’investissements et de financements adaptées. C’est avec plaisir que nous accueillerons des experts dans le domaine qui partageront avec nous leurs visions et approches sur la place qu’occupe la finance dans l’économie de demain.

Cette conférence vous donnera une vision complète du rôle que peut prendre le système financier pour soutenir durablement la société de demain. Seront présents des acteurs qui œuvrent pour une économie inclusive et régénératrice ainsi que des banques engagées qui soutiennent une économie résiliente et durable. Ce sera également l’occasion pour vous d’entendre parler d’innovations qui se font dans ce domaine, telles que la place du don, l’investissement à impact social/environnemental ou encore le rôle des nouvelles technologies.

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Trade for Sustainable Development Forum 2018

Organization: International Trade Centre

Location: International Trade Centre, 54-56 Rue de Montbrillant, 1202 Geneva

Description:   The Trade for Sustainable Development (T4SD) Forum is one of the leading events focused on trends in sustainable value chains and voluntary sustainability standards.

Organized by the International Trade Centre (ITC), the fifth T4SD Forum will discuss SDG 12 " Responsible Consumption and Production" and its relationship with sustainable trade in global value chains.

The T4SD Forum 2018 is held in parallel to the World Trade Organization (WTO) Public Forum 2018.

Event details:

1 October (hosted at ITC): this Eventbrite registration applies

  • Full Day of Sessions

  • Cocktail Reception

2 October (hosted at ITC): this Eventbrite registration applies

  • Partners Event with UNCTAD BioTrade

  • T4SD Project Labs: interactive sessions to present T4SD’s projects through the lens of different targets of SDG 12. Session speakers will be project partners, beneficiaries, donors and managers.

  1. Project Lab 1: EU Cities for Fair and Ethical Trade Award
  2. Project Lab 2: Climate Expert Tool
  3. Project Lab 3: Tailored Solutions for Empowering and Including Smallholder Producers in International Value Chains
  4. Project Lab 4: Sustainable Investment Practices in Africa
  5. Project Lab 5: 10YFP Guidelines for Providing Product Sustainability Information

3 October (hosted at the WTO): to attend this session, a mandatory separate registration process applies: WTO Public Forum 2018

  • High-level Panel at the WTO Public Forum

More details are available in the event website.

Please bring an ID and the confirmation of your T4SD Forum registration on 1 and 2 October, and an ID and the confirmation of the WTO Public Forum registration on 3 October.


1 & 2 October: International Trade Centre (ITC), 54-56 Rue de Montbrillant, Geneva, Switzerland

3 October: World Trade Organization (WTO), Centre William Rappard, Rue de Lausanne 154, Geneva, Switzerland

WTO Public Forum details:

The World Trade Organization hosts its annual Public Forum on 2-4 October, in WTO HQ. Participants wishing to attend the T4SD Forum high-level panel in the WTO (3 October) and any other events of the WTO Public Forum are kindly requested to register also for the WTO Public Forum. The registration link is provided here as well as in the T4SD Forum registration form. For the first days of the T4SD Forum, 1 and 2 October, registration via this Eventbrite website is required.



Organization: UNECE

Location: Palais des Nations, Geneva

Description: The Committee on Housing and Land Management has prepared various activities for you during the Urban Week! Take part in discussions at the 79th session of the Committee on 4 and 5 October 2018. This year's theme is "Towards sustainable housing and urban development through alignment with the 2030 Agenda and the New Urban Agenda in the UNECE Region".

The complete schedule for the Urban Week is as follows:

1 October 2018 - Celebration of the World Habitat Day: “Women Without Walls” – a photography exhibition

2 October 2018 - "In Focus: SDG 11" - a roundtable

2 October 2018 - "Infrastructures and Urban Sustainability: Challenges & Opportunities from the ground" - SDG 11 roundtable in cooperation with University of Geneva

3 October 2018 - “Right to Housing: Homeless No More” - a library talk

3 October 2018 - Third meeting of the Joint Task Force on Energy Efficiency Standards in Buildings

4-5 October 2018 – 79th Session of the Committee on Housing and Land Management, featuring Mr. Kevin McCloud, Grand Designs as keynote speaker

5 October 2018 (pm) – The Future of Asia and Pacific Cities Report 2019: sub-regional meeting for North and Central Asia (closed meeting)

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Policy Kitchen biodiversity challenge

Organisation: Foraus - Swiss Forum on Foreign Policy

Location: Grenus Voisins , Place de Grenus 4, 1201 Genève

Description: Policy Kitchen is a policy crowdsourcing method developed by foraus - Swiss Forum on Foreign Policy, built on a digital innovation platform and physical workshops, so called Policy Cooking Days. It enables a diverse network of thinkers to collaboratively generate bottom-up policy recipes for pressing global challenges. The process is public, anyone can contribute. We launch our first campaign on biodiversity this September.

We aim to connect the global network of open think tanks and other actors on Policy Kitchen and thus enable large-scale transnational collaboration on issues with a multilateral scope. This will be an important step to strengthen democratic participation in international policy making. The code for Policy Kitchen is made available as open source software for other actors willing to use participative methods in their respective domains.

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UNCTAD 2018 World Investment Forum

Organization:  UNCTAD

Location: Palais des Nations, Geneva

Description: The UNCTAD World Investment Forum is the pre-eminent global platform for investment and development. The Forum devises strategies and solutions for global investment and development challenges. It facilitates multi-stakeholder collective action to stimulate investment in development. The Forum offers a unique opportunity to influence investment-related policymaking, shape the global investment environment, and to network with global leaders in business and politics.

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EMG Nexus Dialogue Series 2018: Greening with Jobs

Organization: United Nations Environment Management Group, International Labour Organization

Location: ILO

Description: The UNEMG Nexus Dialogue on a just transition to environmental sustainability aims to contribute to a common understanding of the concept of just transition, establish a global platform to share national and international experiences in the practical application of greening with jobs and just transition in national contexts; and foster support by both public and private stakeholders for social justice along with the fight for environmental sustainability. It will explore the potential of innovative financial solutions and mechanisms to create scalable and effective ways of channeling both private money and public resources towards just transition.

The aim of this Dialogue is to explore the concept of just transitions within the framework of the 2030 Agenda and to identify the interlinkages of the Sustainable Development Goals and Targets related to the topic. There are various nexus opportunities, which can be used to support just transitions and the achievement of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development simultaneously. The nexus between climate action (SDG13), Sustainable Consumption and Production (SDG 12) and decent work and economic growth (SDG8) is one example of such opportunities. However, the interlinkages of just transition with gender dimensions, human rights, the rights of the indigenous people, migration, innovation, technology, education and poverty are also central to the 2030 Agenda. The outcome of the conference will be a 10-point memorandum to guide policy advice, future research, partnerships, and advocacy.

The Dialogue is organized in collaboration with the (ILO) on 23 October 2018, at the ILO Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

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