The strong human rights, fnance and trade communities of Geneva make it an ideal place to address many systemic causes of inequality


The World Health Organization publishes a handbook on health inequality monitoring with a special focus on low- and middle income countries.

DiploFoundation assists diplomatic institutions of small and developing states to participate more effectively in international institutions where they often have no, or limited, representation. Diplo has provided capacity building for more than 700 diplomats and policymakers from 40 different small island developing states (SIDS).

UNRISD research shows that taxation policies are a powerful tool to shape development outcomes. Linking progressive tax policy with enhanced transparency about revenue distribution and expanded social protection measures creates more equal and cohesive societies, leaving no one behind.


Systematic exclusion from fnancial and trade systems (SDG 17) affects people’s ability to participate in the economy (SDG 8, 9) and lift themselves from poverty (SDG 1). Inequality is a root cause of violence and unrest (SDG 16).