The Ecosystem has an experimental spirit. The facilitators create space for actors to build out-of-box solutions using innovative methodologies and collaboration. Additionally, potential solutions are brought to users early and employed within organizations in the Geneva community for testing, iteration and refinement. Prototypes are encouraged early and often. Failure is accepted and learned from.


The Geneva 2030 Ecosystem is nimble and responsive to the quickly changing social, economic and environmental dimensions of global society and, at a local level, the needs of the Geneva community. The Ecosystem actively seeks out the most up-todate information and thinking available by keeping constant communication with its members; an ongoing "systems sensing" exercise. This information is integrated in real-time into the activities and outputs of the Ecosystem.

Scale Driven

Particular focus is put on ensuring that outputs of the Ecosystem are applicable at scale. While solutions may be developed for specific niches or contexts, effort goes into finding ways to replicate their successes and augment them for broader application.


The Geneva 2030 Ecosystem is made of a broad, diverse group of partners representing different factions of society and sectorial focuses. UN Agencies and Programmes, IGOs, NGOs, academic institutions, and the private sector working towards the SDGs are encouraged to participate.

Systems Focused

The Sustainable Development Goals create the basis for shared understanding among actors about the ultimate objective of individual and collective efforts. The nature of the agenda is one of complexity, formally demonstrating that for the first time sustainable development requires an integrated and indivisible approach. For this reason, systems thinking is the lens applied to the work of the Ecosystem. There is recognition that interventions cannot be approached as discreet activities but rather as interconnected pieces of a system that have impacts on other elements of the system.

User-Centric in Design

The Ecosystem mobilizes the collective knowledge of the Geneva community and reconfigures it to be as actionable as possible. User-centric design driven by empathy is at the core of this process. Design thinking principles are employed including actively soliciting feedback from users to ensure they are engaged at every step of the process.

Action Oriented

The goal of the Ecosystem is to create useful tools, products, initiatives, processes, and other innovations that address the challenges faced by actors in the Geneva community. Moving ideas to action is the Ecosystem’s core function. It is not a discussion forum; it is an action forum.

Integrated with the Online World

While the initiative is focused on the confluence of actors in the Geneva community, the outputs and thinking are globally applicable. The outputs will be integrated with freely available online platforms and communicated broadly in an effort to support actors in other regions.